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Legend Of Super Chu CH 9 Emergence of the Haunted
Super Chu's POV:
The Dictionary defines defenestration as the act of throwing a person or a thing out a window...Really not my favorite word. I was thrown out the window of the mansion, The Big Man's party was being held at least twenty stories high into the sky. I steadied myself and prepared to fly back inside the building. It already had two smashed windows, what's the harm in a third?
I smashed another window flipping back inside, landing on a table. "Okay! Where's the dude with the nasty 'tude?" I asked then immediately was forced to dodge several Shadow Balls knocking the table over.
A maniacal laughter echoed in my ears and I looked up to see a Gengar with a white, Mega Gengar mask with a yellow, triclops eye, and extra quills down his head, standing on top of a Yveltal shaped flying glider. His voice was loud, obnoxious, and sinister. "Present, and accounted for!" He exclaimed throwing a jack o'lantern shaped bomb at me.
I dodged it and as it landed on the ground in a br
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Legend Of Super Chu CH 8 The Big Man of Crime
The next morning Pikachu yawned and got out of bed. He peeked in on Glaceon who was still sleeping. He smiled and whispered, "Better not wake her up..."
He walked downstairs and made himself breakfast as he always did. "I hope this meet up with Doctor Slump goes well...I can't tell Glaceon about any of what's been going on until I have something good to tell..." He sighed taking a sip of hot chocolate.
Turning on the news he took a bite of the waffles he made. "-Making this the third time the singer's child was seen driving her car. Now for the biggest news of the day that's left everyone in complete shock. The infamous Rocket Cat and his gang of thugs has made bail." The reporter stated.
In total horror and shock Pikachu choked on his food and screamed, "WHAT?!"
The sudden shout startled Glaceon, waking her up and causing her to fall out of bed. "Oof! ...Huh...wha?" She fumbled down the stairs and asked, "What's wrong?!"
Pikachu stuttered and was only able to let out gibberish.
:iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 4 9
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Teacher: No running!
Me: ...But I'm outside...
Three times a year
As Glaceon was enslaved by Rocket Cat she was raped by him three times a year. She was too heartbroken to care until year three however...Poor girl...
Everyone wonders how people get killed by Goblins when they're so small and relatively weak. That's understandable, but you have to understand that they're like Zombies in the sense that one isn't a threat, but they come in hordes and when you're one person against thirty of them you're gonna die. XD
Okay, so I'm in pain right now for reasons, no one needs to know. And I most likely will be for the next few hours so if I sound mad, I'm not. I'm just in pain.
When she says yes but you realize that it was April Fools Day.
I want you guys to watch these videos, and once I've listed them all I'll break it down because a lot of people don't understand the ending of "The Final Chapter" and other people think one thing happened when actually something else happened.

So let me break down what happened here. The Mayor was innocent all along. The killer was the Colonel the whole time. He was Warfstashe and the Cane he had, had the spirit of Darkiplier trapped inside of it. It caused him to kill everyone while tricking him into thinking he was innocent. After Celine and the Mayor sent you back into your body The Colonel was relieved and felt that it was all a joke and that he wasn't the murderer. He was mad at the detective thinking that he was the one who orchestrated the whole thing and went to straighten him out, although he was actually dead.

He set the Cane down and you instinctively go to pick it up but the cane possess you and you straight up become Dark.

I knew all along that it couldn't have been the Mayor. In these types of stories if you want people to figure out who a Murderer is, you need to make their actions suspicious, but also subtle. But ESPECIALLY subtle. They clearly didn't want you to figure it out before the end, so they didn't do that. They made the Mayor's actions too outlandishly suspicious, and when you reach the level of suspicion he was at, you're ruled out as a suspect.

If you make that person the Murderer it's too predictable and makes the story boring. That's why from the very beginning I knew it wasn't the Mayor.
After putting all of the chapters of Super Chu into one Word Document I've discovered that out of the chapters that are out right now, it's 41 pages long and has a total of about 15,500 words!
Kind of upset at :iconadvancearcy: and :iconugsf: I've gone out of my way twice with massive foreshadowing that you can't miss in Super Chu and neither of you have noticed XD
So he just got home and he's the maddest I've seen him in quite some time...If you'll excuse me I'm locking myself in my room.
Super Chu's POV:

The Dictionary defines defenestration as the act of throwing a person or a thing out a window...Really not my favorite word. I was thrown out the window of the mansion, The Big Man's party was being held at least twenty stories high into the sky. I steadied myself and prepared to fly back inside the building. It already had two smashed windows, what's the harm in a third?

I smashed another window flipping back inside, landing on a table. "Okay! Where's the dude with the nasty 'tude?" I asked then immediately was forced to dodge several Shadow Balls knocking the table over.

A maniacal laughter echoed in my ears and I looked up to see a Gengar with a white, Mega Gengar mask with a yellow, triclops eye, and extra quills down his head, standing on top of a Yveltal shaped flying glider. His voice was loud, obnoxious, and sinister. "Present, and accounted for!" He exclaimed throwing a jack o'lantern shaped bomb at me.

I dodged it and as it landed on the ground in a bright green explosion it let out a short screech that sounded like his voice. Leaping into the air I flipped over the heads of all the press in the building and he threw shurikens with  jack o'lanterns engraved into them at me. He continued hurling these at me and one actually managed to tear my uniform open. "Hey! Did I mess up your costume?! Lay off the threads pal!" I exclaimed.

"Ah! But the Ghoul Gengar doesn't take orders from Rodents." The Ghoul Gengar smirked. "The Ghoul Gengar squashes them into oblivion!"

He flew over to me and grabbed me spinning around and launched me into a table. "May I see your invitation Super Chu? Otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave." He mocked.

Man where do all these guys come from? First Rocket Cat, the Tombstone, and now this clown?! How could a night that was going so well go south so fast?

Normal POV One Day Earlier:

Pikachu and Gengar were in the elevator of Genar's Father, Romann's Mansion trying to figure out why they were there. "Maybe he needs help loading something somewhere." Pikachu shrugged.

"He's the richest man in the whole city. Why would he need our help with that?" Gengar asked.

"I dunno. You tell me." Pikachu suggested.

"If we're here for another scolding does it really matter?" Gengar sighed as the door opened.

"We aren't kids anymore Gengar. It's time for you to assert yourself. Sometimes he does have valid complaints. But if not, tell him you won't be pushed around!" Pikachu perked.

"Boys. Step in here!" Romann called from another room obviously overhearing their conversation.

Pikachu winced and drooped his ears. They stepped inside and he immediately tried to apologize, "Sorry Mr. Hex. We were jus-"

"Don't you dare apologize son. I never do." Romann smiled.

He was a Gengar just like his son. He had a scar over his left eye that he received defending his family from a robbery many years ago. His voice was calm and collected as it always was. But despite this, he was still very intimidating. "Now Pikachu. While it's good to see you, I called you boys here because I have a proposition for you two. Pikachu, it's my understanding that you're currently out of work, correct?"

Pikachu broke eye contact looking down in shame and simply said, "Yes sir..."

"Your employer's loss. I've seen what you're capable of. Especially when you helped Gengar with his homework in high school." He smiled, unfazed.

"We would help each other sir..." Pikachu remarked trying to give Gengar some credit.

Gengar started to smile but it soon turned back into a frown with his father's next few words. "Now now, modesty doesn't become men like us. Smart, driven, responsible, self made-" He started.

"I'm more of a work in progress," Pikachu humbly cut him off.

"At least you're making progress..." He coldly responded. "Now. The reason I brought you both here is because of your working conditions. Gengar, you're currently working in the field with my colleague  Dr. Slump, and Pikachu, you're unemployed. I have a proposition to improve both of your incomes."

"...Let's hear it dad..." Gengar said melancholically.

"I'm willing to promote both of you to the heads of the laboratory internship of Hex Corp. It's an eight to six job that pays handsomely for every half hour of work. You want in?" Romann proposed

Pikachu thought about it for a hard minute. But in his heart he knew he couldn't accept. Not only did he have his role as Super Chu to consider, but he also had Glaceon and an aging mother to take care of. "Thanks for the offer sir...but I can't accept...I can't work that many hours when I have to take care of my mother...She's not getting any younger and she can hardly take care of herself these days...I can find my own work. And for now it needs to be something with less strict of a schedule." Pikachu explained.

"Not just a man of integrity but a family man...I respect that. The ones you love always come first." Romann smiled, "And you son?"

"S-sure! I'm down!" Gengar timidly accepted.

"Excellent! You'll start first thing tomorrow morning! Rest up, and act sharp my boy. Now you run along. I still have some questions to ask Pikachu." He said prompting him to leave.

"Yes sir." Gengar nodded and left.

"Now Pikachu would you like me to make a few calls? I can see what's hiring and put in a good word for you. You're like a brother to Gengar. That makes you family." Romann asked.

Meanwhile standing by the elevator Gengar popped open another vial of the green liquid and downed the whole contents of it. He shivered then walked away.

"-and then he just fired me. Just like that...And now I'm struggling to find a job to support Mom and Glaceon, on top of my heroics as Super Chu...I can't take much more of this Eddie...And the other day she almost got raped..." Pikachu vented to a cousin that knew his secret.

"Look, you're 19 and she's 18. I'm sorry about that but she's bound to get unwanted attention from men...Don't go all emo on me bro...It'll get better...probably..." The Pikachu supposedly named Eddie sighed.

Eddie was a bit taller than Pikachu without any major differences from most Pikachu found in the city, or the world for that matter. You could tell from his voice however that he was several years older than Pikachu.

"I won't...Thanks for listening Eddie..." Pikachu smiled.

"If I may, maybe working with Mr. Hex himself isn't a good idea, but you might be able to take Gengar's old job. The hours there were much more reasonable to your needs. I work for Slump myself. And it pays an honest amount. It IS still technically under Mr. Hex's funding." Eddie suggested.

Pikachu thought about this for a moment then he nodded. He had two days to find a job before Glaceon would most likely find out that something was up. "Alright. I'll see if I can get him to hire you." Eddie smiled.

"Thanks Bro."

Romann entered his headquarters for a late night inspection and heard a strange noise. "Hmm?"

Engine sounds echoed from inside a room as the double doors swung open revealing the Yveltal Glider and Gengar, as described earlier. He was wearing the same, white Mega Gengar mask and the same devious grin was still on his face. "That's my Glider! My high tech Glider! Stop THIEF!" Romann bellowed.

The Ghoul Gengar simply laughed and flew away...

Several hours later, some of the Big Man's Petty thugs were in an apartment trying to bust open a safe, with a crowbar. "Dude, we could have cracked it open there!" A Primeape grunted.

"The Cops would have cracked YOU open first. Cops or Super Chu. Look, Hammerhead's waiting for The Big Man's cut. Forget the crowbar, blow it up." A Krokorok demanded.

"Blow yourself up." Primeape snorted.

As if on cue the front door exploded into green mist and the Ghoul Gengar emerged from the smoke. "Did someone mention explosives?!" He cackled.

"Get the Freak!" Shouted a Servine as the three of the lunged at him.

Ghouly shot three sparks of electricity at them knocking them back and a blade emerged from the head of the Glider pointing directly at Servine.  "I-I meant, get the Freak anything he wants..." Servine backed down.

"What I want is your undying loyalty. That or the dying kind. The Ghoul Gengar is nothing, if not flexible." He grinned placing a tiny mine on the safe.

It exploded with a higher pitched screech, opening the safe. He tossed the money inside to them and Krokorok caught it. "Appreciate the help, but we work for The Big Man. We switch Loyalties and we might as well tie on the toe tags ourselves."

"I'm good with knots too! As for The Big Man...The Party's over..." The Ghoul Gengar smiled subtly, holding out a larger bomb...

"He said yes?! That's awesome! When do I start?" Pikachu asked over the phone.

"Monday." Eddie answered.

"That works. I can wait two days." Pikachu smiled. "Thanks for the help!"

"Don't mention it bro. I'll talk to you later." He said hanging up.

Glaceon walked down the stairs of their house wearing a ruby red dress with sparkling imitation jewelry on it. Pikachu was absolutely stunned by her beauty. "Wow...I...Glaceon...What's the occasion?" He asked forcing himself not to stutter.

She giggled and said, "I was personally invited to a party. The Lincoln Dynamic Youth Center is hosting an anniversary party at the downtown ballroom and manor. They want me to perform for them."

"Lincoln Dynamic Youth Center? That sounds like a cover up name for Tombstone's Party...I better follow her as Super Chu just in case..." Pikachu thought.

"Sounds fun! Hope you enjoy yourself!" Pikachu smiled.

"Thanks Pika." She said hugging him.

They said their goodbyes and she left. "Alright. Now to get my costume..." He went over to his hidden pocket in the bench by the door where he usually kept it. But to his surprise, it wasn't there. "Oh no...WHERE IS IT?!"

Glaceon had just finished her third song of the night and blushed as the crowd cheered for her. She stepped off stage to get a drink. She looked around for a moment to find something non-alcoholic and after a good minute or so she settled on some iced tea. The majority of the Pokemon there were like her, Pokemon who make an honest living. But there was a fair share of thugs at the party.

A Jolteon approached her with a smile on his face. "You're Glaceon aren't you? The a cappella artist on PokeTube?" Jolteon asked.

"Yes. That's me." She smiled.

"My daughter is a big fan of yours. Would it be alright if I could bring her over to take a picture with you?" Jolteon asked.

"Sure. I don't mind." She blushed. "I'm still not all that used to people recognizing me and coming up to me though."

The man went over to grab his daughter and came back with a five year old Eevee. "Well hello there. It's nice to meet you Eevee." Glaceon smiled.

The Eevee didn't say anything but she pounced on Glaceon giving her a warm hug. Glaceon was surprised by this but she hugged back. They took a couple of photos, then Glaceon took her Tea and moved on. Tombstone floated on stage and tapped the mic. He was wearing a black suit and bow tie. "If I might have your attention. As many of you know, I am your host. L. Thompson Lincoln. Thank you all for coming to support the Lincoln Dynamic Youth Center."

The crowd gave their applause. And Glaceon took her spot back on stage and was about to start singing again but as soon as she opened her mouth to let out the first syllable, gunshots were heard in the hallway. "Sorry! Party's over folks! And stairs and Elevator are out of order. Although you could try a window." Servine laughed wearing a Jack O'Lantern mask Followed by Krokorok and Primeape wearing the same thing.

The Ghoul Gengar Smashed through a window on his glider laughing maniacally. "Oops. Too late." Servine smirked.

Everyone inside shrieked in fear. "Hello! Good Evening! I am The Ghoul Gengar! And I am looking for The Big Man!" Ghoul Gengar smirked.

Tombstone stepped up, "Sir, I don't know who you are bu-"

"Of course you don't! That's the point of the mask genius!" He laughed, "But I know who you are crime king! So step down, or I start sharing secrets!"

"You're making an enormous mistake. Security, this man is obviously troubled. Take care of him." Tombstone demanded.

"Tsk tsk tsk. Still hiding behind an army of thugs are we?" Ghoul Gengar shook his head.

Security shot taser guns at him but he caught the cords and as they shocked him he simply laughed it off. The electricity recoiled and shocked them. Ghouly used the cords as a whip and flung the remaining guards away. Ghoul Gengar jumped onto the chandelier swinging from side to side. "Careful now! Stay put, or else..." The Ghoul Gengar laughed.

"There's no need to threaten my guests." Tombstone glared.

"There is if I want witnesses! Big guy!" The Ghoul Goblin Smirked.

Glaceon was trembling violently. She already had Rocket Cat to fear but another Super Villain thrown in the mix was too much for her to take. She whimpered in fear, having an idea as to what would happen next. Ghoul Gengar turned to look at her and smirked. "Well look what we have here! Quite the knockout. Care to join me young one?"

He swung down and grabbed her. She screamed at the top of her lungs and struggled to get out of his grip. But he appeared to physically be almost, if not as strong as Super Chu, and she couldn't break free. "SUPER CHU SAVE ME!!!"

Meanwhile Pikachu was fumbling through the house tearing it apart still looking for his uniform. His ears perked up at the sound of Glaceon screaming. "Oh no...I'm coming Glaceon!" He turned to leave without his uniform but he slipped on a blanket and when he stopped fumbling and got the blanket off of him he found his suit on the ground. "There it is!"

He jumped into his suit and dashed out as fast as he could to the scene.

Glaceon was now bound and held firmly in The Ghoul's grip. At the sight of a hostage no one moved or dared try to attack him. Tombstone looked up to him and asked, "What do you hope to accomplish here tonight?"

"So...the whole wanting to kill you and take over your empire thing wasn't clear..? Well darn..." Ghoul Gengar shrugged.

"You who? Excuse me? Can I come in this way or do I have to break my own window?" Super Chu quipped.

At the sound of his voice Tombstone, Ghouly, and Glaceon all looked up to where The Ghoul Gengar had previously entered to see Super Chu floating there with his arms folded, clearly unhappy about Glaceon. "Super Chu!" The three of them exclaimed in unison.

Glaceon was brought to tears at the sight of her hero and boyfriend. "S-super Chu...Please...Save me..." She pleaded trembling through tears.

"I will Glaceon...Don't you worry." Pikachu said glaring at his foe.

"Your timing is impeccable Super Chu. I should have known that this was your girlfriend." Tombstone remarked.

"So your latest Super Loser turned on you, huh Tomby?" Super Chu smirked.

"I don't know who he is...Yet. But I assure you, he's not in my employ..." Tombstone grunted.

Super Chu jumped onto a rail and smirked, "That's just fine. He's scaring Glaceon so it's all the same to me. I can always pretend he's yours while I trounce him. I'll still feel good inside."

"Hello? I'm in the room! Really, you're both too rude!" The Ghoul Gengar comedically added.

"Oh where are my manners? Here you are terrorizing Tombstone and I don't even say thank you. My only excuse is you're holding the one I love hostage! It's confusing to me. Hand her over!" Super Chu growled.

"Yes, quite the puzzler. But The Ghoul Gengar has a better solution. You and I, join forces! We combine our powers! We could rule the city! And next, the world!" The Ghoul Gengar exclaimed.

Super Chu spat and coldly stated, "I make it a point to avoid working with anyone psychotic. I'm not going to tell you again. Let...her...go..."

"Your loss. OF LIFE!" The Ghoul Gengar exclaimed blasting energy shots at him.

Super Chu dodged and was about to punch him but he held up Glaceon halting Super Chu in his tracks. "Ah, ah ah. If you so much as try to lay a finger on me, you may hit little girlfriend." The Ghoul Gengar laughed knowing he wouldn't attack with Glaceon there.

Glaceon whimpered helplessly no longer trying to break free. She wasn't quite as scared as she was the other day, but was still too scared to move. Super Chu decided he could most likely get to her before this man could do anything and he lunged at him swiping his feet from under him causing him to drop Glaceon. Glaceon screamed as she fell unable to steady herself but Super Chu caught her before she hit the ground.

She sighed and looked up at her hero lovingly and with gratitude, "Thank you Super Chu..."

Super Chu said nothing in response. Instead he untied her and proceeded to kiss her. Setting her down he glared up at his foe.  He lept up and they began exchanging punches, and The Ghoul Gengar was able to keep up with him and retaliate, hitting just as hard. The Ghoul Gengar slammed a shadow ball into Super Chu's chest, sending him flying. He proceeded to blast him with plasma missiles that shot out of his hands.

Super Chu dodged most of them but got hit the last two times. The two went in circles around the room exchanging Punches and knocking over tables and snacks. At this point we return to when we first came in as The Ghoul Gengar grabbed him and threw him out a window smashing it.

Super Chu tried to steady himself and he flew back in smashing a third window. He flipped onto a still standing table and asked, "Okay! Where's the dude with the nasty tude?!"

He dodged as multiple Shadow Balls were thrown in his direction. Maniacal laughter echoed in his ears as The Ghoul Gengar said, "Present, and accounted for!"

He threw a Jack O' Lantern shaped bomb at him that let out a screech sounding like his voice as it exploded. Leaping into the air Super Chu flipped over the heads of all the press in the building and the Ghoul threw shurikens with  Jack O'Lanterns engraved into them at him He continued hurling these at him and one actually managed to tear his uniform open. "Hey! Did I mess up your costume?! Lay off the threads pal!" Super Chu exclaimed.

"Ah! But the Ghoul Gengar doesn't take orders from Rodents." The Ghoul Gengar smirked. "The Ghoul Gengar squashes them into oblivion!"

He flew over to Super Chu and grabbed him spinning around and launched him into a table. "May I see your invitation Super Chu? Otherwise I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to leave." He mocked.

"Leave now? When table seven needs more orderves?" Super Chu quipped.

More shurikens were thrown at him and Tombstone managed to catch one. They continued to duke it out for a bit until Super Chu grabbed him. "Oh did you want a ride?" The Ghoul Gengar smirked. "Keep our guests comfy boys! I'll be back in a minute!"

He dashed out of the building smashing yet another window and he threw Super Chu down. "Seriously Ghouly, do you have a license for this thing?!" Super Chu exclaimed as he steadied himself to begin flying again.

He flew off in pursuit of the Gengar. The Ghoul slammed him into a wall and it cracked. "You know the old saying! If you can't join em, beat em!" The Ghoul Gengar begun hurling bombs and shurikens at Super chu and didn't stop.

Much to Super Chu's annoyance, every bomb let out the same shriek as it exploded. He eventually caught one and threw it back at him. His foe was caught off guard and slipped nearly falling off his glider. Super Chu punched him full force in the jaw. "That's for making me protect Tombstone!"

Ghoul Gengar continued flying backwards until he realized he had been approaching a skyscraper. Just before he smashed into it he super jumped off the glider as it rammed through the building flipping over it and landing back on the glider as it reemerged on the other side. "Okay" Was all Super Chu could say.

The blade from the glider peaked out preparing to impale Super Chu but he ducked and kicked him, knocking him off his glider and damaging it. Super Chu prepared to knock him out as he had clearly won the fight, but The Ghoul Gengar burst into a fit of laughter. "Now what's so funny?" He asked.

"Just the special fire and brimstone pumpkin I left behind as a present for our Mr. Lincoln. Any minute now the Creme de le Creme of Amity City is going to paint the Town Red! Heh! Well the ballroom anyway..." He burst back into a fit of laughter.

Realizing everyone including Glaceon was still in grave danger he dashed back to the Ballroom as fast as he could. Completely leaving his enemy alone.

"What're we supposed to be doing again?" Primeape asked.

"Keep everyone here until the Ghoul comes back." Krokorok answered.

"Or maybe evacuate before the Ghoul's bomb goes off! Clear the room!" Super Chu exclaimed.

The Thugs started shooting at him and Super Chu being as history has shown, isn't harmed by mere bullets. Super Chu knocked the thugs guns away shouting, "What're you doing?! You have to get out! Bad guys included!"

"We work for The Ghoul!" Servine retorted.

"Every single blasted fragment of you?" Super Chu asked.

"You're bluffing!" Krokorok declared.

"Is that a risk you're willing to take? Especially when you've already taken so many?" Tombstone glared clearly recognizing them as former employees of his.

With this they left and everyone started streaming down the stairs. "Get out of here Glaceon! I'll be alright." Super Chu ordered.

Glaceon was hesitant but she eventually did as she was told. Super Chu begun tearing the place apart looking for the bomb. "If I were an evil pumpkin...where would I hide?"

Much to his surprise Tombstone stayed to look for it too. "Surprised you're sticking around..." Super Chu grunted.

"My party. My mess." Tombstone replied.

Glaceon was a quarter down the staircase until she remembered that The Ghoul Gengar had been swinging on the chandelier for a good 15 seconds. She ran back into the room and shouted, "Super Chu! The chandelier!"

"Thanks! Now get out of here!" He flew up to the chandelier and found the bomb and that it only had five seconds left till destination. In a mad rush Super Chu chucked it as hard as he could into the air out the window and it created a massive explosion that engulfed the equivalent of a four story building.

It thankfully went off out of harm's way. Super Chu sighed in relief until he noticed that Tombstone was clapping. "You know...applause from you...makes me wanna shower..." Super Chu glared.

"Perhaps...but someone should point out I personally offered you a handsome salary to do just the sort of thing you did tonight. And instead...You've done The Big Man's work for free. THAT my dear what grown ups call, irony..." Tombstone said chuckling as he walked away.

"Those thugs that tried to...rape me work for...him?" Glaceon asked.

Super Chu nodded. "Mr. Lincoln is the leader of the largest criminal empire in the country...I've been meaning to tell you but the guy called the police on me and made me seem like the bad guy when I confronted him..." Super Chu sighed.

"Oh Super..." She said pulling him into a warm embrace. "I love you Super Chu..."

"I love you more Glaceon..." Super Chu responded.

"I love you most...Thank you for saving me again...With how often I'm getting into trouble, I don't know what I'd do without you..." Glaceon's ears drooped.

"If you ever need me Glaceon...I will matter what...Protecting you will always be my first priority." Super Chu pulled her into a kiss.

They kept their lips locked for a good minute and hugged each other. "Who do you think that guy was?" She asked.

"I don't know...But whoever he is, I have to stop him..."

To Be Continued...
Legend Of Super Chu CH 9 Emergence of the Haunted
I have waited for so long to get to this point. And here we finally are. Ladies and Gentlemen, I finally bring you The Ghoul Gengar!

Shortly after Super Chu prevented those thugs from raping Glaceon and discovering the mastermind Tombstone, Pikachu must fight a new enemy. One who seems much more dangerous than Rocket Cat...
Today was going to be a good day...I was going to finish the next chapter of Super Chu...I was going to announce something big that I've been working on...but something has come up...something that I can't ignore...and it's time I spoke up about it...All of you need to know...I'm reaching out to you, :iconadvancearcy::iconautobothoneflash::iconautobotwarider::icontwin-yin-yang::iconjapanesegodzilla1954::iconweegeeguy01::iconflutter-rays::iconugsf: more desperately than ever before with tears in my eyes...

I've talked about my father before...but as deep as you may think I've talked about my father...I haven't told you the full story...If you already feel bad for me for what I've told you I put up with, reading this may horrify you, and you'll immediately want to adopt me...With that being said...let's begin...

I told you that my sister had something traumatic happen to her when she was my age. But I didn't say what. And I still won't. You'll have to note me if you want to know because I'm not going public with it. But I'll tell you about the aftermath. Someone did something cruel to her and my father claimed that it was her fault. Blaming the victim of a crime is never alright.

But regardless, around this time is when my sister started her path into the poor decisions she's made that I've told you about in the past. She didn't know how to cope with what that person did to her and was struggling trying to get by on her own...We found out she had bipolar and my father being my father, he rushed to doctors screaming at them to put her on like twelve different drugs, and refused to let them change anything to them without his consent.

This nearly put my sister on death's door. And he wouldn't let her stop. So she refused to take her crap. Eventually one thing lead to another and the one night I dread to relive more than anything happened. The night my sister got caught having sex in her room. That was her f*ck up. And my father had a right to be mad...but...well...

My sister was completely naked from head to toe, and he was staring at her...the entire time...and he wouldn't let her put clothes on...Beyond that he's looked at her in very inappropriate ways that no father ever should. His own daughter. He's starved her so that he can look at her, and called her a fat whore. He'd never actually harm her the way this implies, but it's NOT okay! His own flesh and blood. He won't let her wear pajamas in our own house, and claimed that jeans and a long sleeve shirt were revealing.

Beyond that, as much as he denies it, he has gotten physical with both of us. I've been slapped by him multiple times. He takes out all his frustration towards my sister on me. How is that fair..? My sister herself has said that I'm the good kid and I never step out of line. But anytime I get upset at anything, I can be playing a video game and groan because I died, and he'll freak out. He'll stop everything he was doing and go into uber panic mode. He'll put me down and scream at me for no fucking reason...How is that fair to me? Why do I get abused, put down and yelled at because of my sister? Am I really that bad?

He gets this behavior from his father who has been dead for about ten years now. His whole family is a mess. All Maxwell men have a dangerously high sense of anger stored inside them.

His father beat him often and eventually he and my grandmother got divorced. My father was an only child and as such he got everything he wanted even though she was rarely home. He didn't have anyone to look after other than himself. He was a spoiled brat. His father all the way to his great grandfather were incredibly racist. So I have no clue how he managed to marry my mother, or why she said yes.

He's grown up thinking that he own's the world and everyone needs to bow down to him hands and feet. When anything doesn't go his way he makes it the end of the world and he makes abusive decisions. He calls it being a parent. But it's not. Scolding someone who ran away and got hurt as a result of it when they get home is being a parent. What he did to me isn't.

I was FUCKING DYING! I couldn't go to school for three to four weeks, as I was sick with multiple things. First I had the flu and I couldn't leave bed. I was going through a mental breakdown the next week and the slightest stressor could have sent me to the hospital. I could have killed myself. But he didn't care. Then I caught a cold. Not that big a deal, but it was pretty bad. Since I had missed a lot of school at the time I went in to sort stuff out when I actually came back and said I would go back that Wednesday. But as most of you know, that day I was sent to go back I caught strep throat. There was no way I could go to school, and I tried to tell him that if I went, I would just be sent home and would waste an hour of work for them.

He didn't listen and declared he would only accept me going to school and it didn't matter if I had a temperature of 120 degrees. I was going to school. He forced me out of bed and into the shower. As I tried to take a shower, I FUCKING COLLAPSED! And I told him. You know what his exact words were? "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK! GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER, TAKE A SHOWER AND GO TO SCHOOL OR GO TO A HOSPITAL!"

Unfucking believeable...absolutely disgusting. I took the coldest shower I've ever had, as I was too weak to change the temp. I went with my mom to school and I vented. She lost it and screamed at me. The pressure was too much for me and I threatened suicide. I went to the hospital as a result and there, we found out I WAS sick and I had strep throat. I would have been out of there as soon as that was determined, but as I had threatened suicide I spent five hours there till they decided I could leave.

As expected my father didn't care, and claimed that I had been defiant and disrespectful. That I had to be put in check and learn to behave. He was the adult, and I'm the "child" as such, I had to do everything he told me to do without question...EVERYTHING...That's a thinking error for two reasons. I may legally be a minor, but I'm NOT a child. Secondly, I don't have to do EVERYTHING he says. I have to obey when he's making  a parental decision, yes. But I don't have to break the law if he tells me to, and I'm NOT going to go to school and get other people sick if I'm sick.

That day he'd come to the conclusion that I was a juvenile delinquent who does nothing but sit on their ass playing video games all day despite the fact that I hadn't picked up a controller since a week before I went to the hospital and he made the decision. Unbelieveable.

So I'm sick as hell, and I'm unable to go anywhere or do anything and he decides, "Imma take away the only thing that keeps you sane, so you get in even more trouble and act up. And I'm going to keep them away until further notice." What the actual hell?! If I messed up and did something uncalled for, then yes, go right ahead and ground me. But I did nothing fucking wrong at all. My immune system is crap and I was sick for four weeks. HOW IS THAT MY FAULT?! HOW IS THAT DISOBEYING AND BEING DEFIANT?! HOW IS THAT BEING A FUCKING DELINQUENT?! And he decides to take all of my crap. The hilarious thing about that is, I wasn't playing my video games anyway and didn't notice until 3 days later. THAT ALONE SHOULD INSTANTLY TELL YOU HE DOES NOT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK HE'S TALKING ABOUT! I don't even want to say what he did the day after I was diagnosed with strep. It's not terrible per say, but it's personal and messed up.

He is incredibly manipulative and refuses to listen to anyone except maybe two people. He twists the situation and tells them his story refusing to let anyone have a voice, and when we give our piece, they don't listen to us. He does this to everyone and makes us seem like the bad guys. That's just evil...

I've found out via my sister that he's been fighting with my mom a lot...I feel so bad for my mom...She's been putting up with his behavior for over twenty years...and she has the guts to stick with him...Things got so bad a couple years ago that they were considering divorce...But they didn't want to repeat my grandmother's actions, and he knew that because of how he is, that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE would be legally put in my mother's care. And being the sick, abusive, power hungry bastard that he is, he stayed with her so he would have someone to torment...

How sick can you get? ...Poor mom...just the other day they got into a fight and he freaked out cause he was looking for something and  because he couldn't find it he blamed her. Her exact words were, "I'm sorry it's hard for someone to help you when you're bitching at them all the damn time!"

My reaction was horrific. In my entire life, I've heard my mom swear, ONCE! SHE DOES NOT CUSS! She rarely get mad period! But I've heard from my sister that she's been cursing a lot this year. This has been the most stressful year of my life. And it's gotten to my poor mother as well...It's sad...Now I don't wanna take away from the seriousness of the situation because every word I've said is one hundred percent true. But I couldn't help but feel extremely excited when she said that. My mom never speaks up unless someone screws up royally. I love that about her.

But for her to swear directly in my dad's face, TWICE, gave me a lot of hope, and I wanted to praise her. But my father didn't get the fact he didn't care at all...his immediate actions were to bitch at her more...unfucking believable...she left eventually to go to a therapy appointment and he went to my sister asking for her and when she told him she wasn't there, he called her and demanded that she come home. She was pretty far away...and she did...and he bitched some more...She asked in an angry tone if she should cancel her appointment. But she didn't. She grabbed her laptop and left. She didn't come home till about 10:30 and she left at 4:30ish...that's really sad...

Hannah and I were talking about all of these things today and both of us burst into tears...I said this before, I'll say it again...He may be my father by blood...but he's not my dad...I don't even know if I can call him my father anymore after learning about all of what I did today...This is the last straw...If he doesn't clean up his act, the next time he steps out of line I'm going to have him sent to prison. Or at the very least persuade my mom to file for divorce...Their offspring is begging for sad can you get? You literally can't get any more depressing than that...I thought I was already dead on the inside...apparently you can die twice cause I died today...

I can't take any more of this...if it continues you'll notice...because I'll have disappeared from DA. And you know why...I want to love him...he does treat people with love under the right circumstances, and he has made the right decisions, and treated me and my family with love...Under the right circumstances...And in times of peace when nothing is wrong...But only then...He's a cruel man and is unfit to be a parent...

He is cruel, abusive, and unfeeling. He doesn't deserve to live with us...he's a terrible father...Nothing would please me more than to see him learn how to be a parent the right way...I want to love him...I try to love him...but I can't...

If you'll excuse me I'm going to go back to bawling my eyes out...I love you guys...thanks for listening to dorky old me...I'm a pitiful mess...I don't deserve any of you...I don't know why you put up with me...but I am grateful you do...Thank you for you time...from the bottom of my heart...I love you...I still plan on posting the next chapter of Super Chu today...See you guys then...
OMG! WHY DIDN'T I NOTICE THIS?! Happy 11th Anniversary to the Legend of Spyro Trilogy!
Sister: I can't even with you.
Me: That's why you love me.
Sister: Those don't relate. One is used to describe the other.
Me: What?
Sister: Can't is an adjective in that context. Love is a verb. Until you get into adverbs and then it gets weird. Did you know english is the hardest language to learn?
Me: I can't even with you.
Sister: Well I'm odd so I can imagine why you can't even.
This is one of the most brilliant things I've ever seen!
The Jak and Daxter And Legend of Spyro Trilogy's are tied for my favorite stories of all time tied to a video game.
I know I've been waking up earlier than usual over the past few days, but 4:30? That's ridiculous...


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