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Ash's Pikachu and May's Glaceon
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Is this real life right now?! :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 4 6
Legend of Super Chu CH 6 Everyday Life
Several hours later Glaceon was sitting at home trying to calm down. Her phone started to ring. She saw that it was Pikachu so she picked it up. "Hello?" She sighed.
"Hey! I heard you got to second base!" He chuckled.
"W-what? What do you mean?" She stuttered.
"It was all over the news! Everyone saw you and Super Chu kiss!" Pikachu giggled.
"Wait-WHAT?!" Glaceon gasped.
Pikachu sent her the picture of them kissing to her phone. "I want to know EVERYTHING, when I get home!"
Glaceon stuttered slightly from shock, "R-right...see you when you get home..." She hung up and printed the picture he sent her.
She found an empty frame and placed the photo in it and places it on her nightstand right next to an image of her and Pikachu hugging.
A couple minutes later there was a knock on Glaceon's door. "Come in." She responded.
Pikachu walked through the door waving at her. "Hey Glace!"
Glaceon Smiled at her best friend, "Hey Pikachu. Where have you been?"
Pikachu sighed and said, "Well I ran into
:iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 5 9
The Spectacular Spider-Man :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 6 11 Meet the New Big Man of Crime :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 3 19
Sonic The Hedgehog CH 3 Jungle Zone
Afte dashing through the remainder of Bridge Zone Sonic reached South Island's Jungle, conveniently named Jungle Zone. Sonic ran into the deep jungle and saw a Crabmeat above him. So he leaped up smashing it revealing a Pocky.
He charged on and jumped onto a vine stretching over a large pool of water. It looked very deep so he slowed down to balance himself. "This is so not cool. T-that water looks really cold..."
Sonic pushed past his fear of water and ran on. He jumped from ledge to ledge trudging on. Sonic was forced to get wet as he ran past a waterfall and then  several meters in front of him lay yet another one that had logs crashing down it.
"Hmm I can use those to jump across to the other side!" He thought as he jumped in a cartoonish style from log to log till he reached solid ground.  Soon there was a big open stretch of water that looked too deep to enter.
He gulped and grabbed a log ran on it in the water providing him a surface to run across as it f
:iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 3 7
What Picard thinks of the Sonic Fanbase :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 6 12 IGN Fanbrats :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 4 2 Am I not supposed to have what I want? :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 8 17 Sleeping on the Job :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 5 23 Dubs VS Subs :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 5 8 Sonic Mania PS4 Boxart :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 3 2 End of Discussion :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 2 3 Sonic goes Super Saiyan 3 :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 2 27 The Return of Fang :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 6 2 Hyper Sonic Mania :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 2 2 Sonic Mania - Sky High Zone Act 1 :iconlssjorangelightning:LSSJOrangeLightning 3 12


Sonamy :iconstarboooksligth:starboooksligth 89 5 SONAMY collab march 2017 :iconannasko:Annasko 127 9 SonAmy is CANON in Sonic X stamp :iconvertekins:Vertekins 238 216 Disliking Sonadow IS NOT Homophobic :iconvertekins:Vertekins 311 256 Eggman better than Westernized Robotnik Stamp :iconvertekins:Vertekins 38 49 Lord of the rings stamp :iconvero-g6-stamps:vero-g6-stamps 1,578 42 SatAM Robotnik is OVERRATED :iconvertekins:Vertekins 126 405 Stamp.:Sonamy isn't Pedophilia:. :iconxxlovelyrose95xx:xXLovelyRose95Xx 246 47 Sonic X Stamp :icontheknightofthevoid:TheKnightOfTheVoid 302 113 Anti Sonic abusing Amy art Stamp :iconvertekins:Vertekins 473 453 SEGA has every right to have a say in Archie :iconvertekins:Vertekins 262 164 Sonic Cycle is BULLSHIT stamp :iconvertekins:Vertekins 44 23 Anti-SatAM Stamp :iconbigtyleraustin:BigTylerAustin 98 415 ANTI-ARCHIE COMICS stamp :iconallythewolffy98:AllytheWolffy98 72 390 Archie Should Stop Making Sonic Comics :iconnatoumjsonic:NatouMJSonic 69 199 Silver Sonic 2 :icondoctor-g:Doctor-G 23 0


Me: *Puts on new pair of Glasses.* WHOA! My vision just went from 240p to 720p!

I'm calling it now. His twin is working with Balthazar Bratt...Also why can't real children be as understanding as Agnes?
After not playing Pokemon Shuffle In at least half a year I now have 99 lives and 17,430 Coins :laughing: Guess that's what happens when you don't play Streetpass in 6 months.
I know people are gonna hate me but the summersault in SA2 kills it for me. It makes the game way too slow. I just want to spindash and speed up like in SA1. I only have access to the demo at the moment so yeah...Get rid of the summersault and I'd be totally fine.
I hate when I wake up when nobodies home and the door's unlocked... #relatable
I am a Sonic fan too. But it has the worst fanbase on the face of the Earth. All anyone in it ever does is complain and give out death threats and bash anything new. To this day they still complain about green eyes. That is plain stupid. They also complain about linearity. But the fact is, there is not a single linear Sonic game in existence that Wasn't a racing Game! And Sonic 4? It gets WAAAAAY too much hate! That game is better than Sonic 1! People complain about "boost to win" That is complete BS! There's much more to Modern Sonic than just a simple racing format! And they all make big deals out of nothing! Like Green Hill Zone Returning multiple times. So what?! At least Sonic has 3D games that make throwbacks nice thing! You don't see Mario Fans complaining about every single game they ever made which in a way, they should. For example they're like, "Oh yeah we have 4 different 'New Super Mario Brothers' games they're TOOOOTALLY different. Oh yeah, Super Mario 3D world that's TOOOOTALLY different, Oh yeah Mario Kart 8 that's TOOOTALLY Different, Oh yeah Peach has been kidnapped for the 957th time that's toootally different!" If it's okay for Mario fans to be buying the same EXACT game OVER, AND OVER, AND OVER AGAIN, then, WHY do Sonic fanbrats get so annoyed with Green Hill Zone?! "Oh no Sonic 4 has different physics from what I'm used to! Oh no something called Sonic 4 has the modern designs oh nooooo" You see how annoying that is? Sonic 4 isn't canon anyway, so they shouldn't be complaining period. What's also annoying is how stubborn they are. Example, 80 percent of the Sonic fanbase thinks that Sonic CD takes Place before Sonic 2. But it doesn't. I have video conformation with Mike Pollock voicing Eggman in Lego Dimensions of him saying Sonic 2 takes place first, by default confirming Sonic CD taking place after Sonic 3 and Knuckles as Sonic 3 is a continuation of Sonic 2. Don't believe me?! BOOM!

But they still flip out and deny it because they hate being wrong. They have a habit of over praising some things that don't deserve it, and bashing other things for no reason, like Sonic Lost World. That is one of the best 3D Sonic Games out there and there is NO BOOSTING yet people STILL bash it. Believe it or not there are people complaining about Sonic Mania since it isn't Sonic Adventure 3. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!?!?! GIVE SONIC ADVENTURE 3 A REST! IT HAS BEEN MADE 3 TIMES! Sonic Heroes was originally going to be titled Sonic Adventure 3! Sonic 06 is LITERALLY A SH*TTY SONIC ADVENTURE 3! And Sonic Unleashed is called Sonic World Adventure in Japan! MUST I bring up that it made Hub Worlds?! People claim that Mania is Sega's Last chance. LAST CHANCE TO DO WHAT?! MAKE A GAME TO SATISFY BASTARDS WHO DO NOTHING BUT SEND DEATH THREATS?! Sonic Boom is the FAN'S FAULT! Did they take the game seriously? No, but WHO ON EARTH would put energy into making something for someone who they knew were just going to bash it in the end?! NO ONE! People complained about Generations too which is unbelieveable. THE WHOLE POINT OF THAT GAME WAS TO SHOW THAT THEY DO CARE! They DO care about the fans! But they still chose to complain! There is NOTHING to complain about when it comes to Sonic except for the shameful excuses for human beings that lie and call themselves fans. Sonic The Hedgehog, to me, is the perfect Video Game Series...But it has the worst excuse for fans. You get what I'm saying? I don't hate Sonic. I hate the fans.


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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Hi everyone! I am the Legendary Super Saiyan Orange Lightning! I thought I should share some things with you. I love Advanceshipping, SonAmy and NickyXAmy! (Don't know who Nicky is? Long story I'll share it later...) My first Video Game was Pokémon Blue!
I have a strong dislike for Red worshipers (People who act like Red is a God) Because he's anything but that! I mean seriously, he abandoned his mother and only tries to collect Pokemon. He doesn't try to train with them all that much and only cares about his main 6 + his Espeon. The rest he just stuffed into the PC...And besides, he didn't catch all of the legendaries, the player did. They were irrelevant to the plot and didn't move it forward. There is no evidence throughout the main Pokemon Cannon that he caught any of them. And Ash Canonically defeated an Articuno, Regice, Darkrai, and Latios. SO SHUT THE F*CK UP!!

:iconadvancearcy: Sweet Cousin
:iconsprit-fire: Rival (Canon Next door Neighbor)
:iconflutter-rays: Friendly Russian Umbreon
:iconsanzokudebien: Annoying Brony Furry Otaku Friend (Canon Know IRL)
:iconmachodionysus14: Brother
:iconepicguac: Schoomate (Canon, Know IRL)

Advanceshipping Stamp by sossli (Request) Anti Amourshipping Stamp by SoraRoyals77 IceSparkshipping (Pikachu x Glaceon) Stamp by misawafujisaki-stamp
(Request) Not a shipper of that pairing by MarioSonicPeace ContestShipping Hater Stamp by BrainyxBat I love Pokemon: Stamp by Katze-Cat-KuroNeko
Legend Spyro Stamp by RadSpyro Christian anime - manga stamp by SailorSolar Lord of the rings stamp by vero-g6-stamps
Archie Should Stop Making Sonic Comics by NatouMJSonic SonAmy Fan Stamp by GothScarlet Chip never stole Tails' role In Unleashed by Vertekins
ANTI-ARCHIE COMICS stamp by AllytheWolffy98 Anti-SatAM Stamp by BigTylerAustin Sonic Cycle is BULLSHIT stamp by Vertekins
SEGA has every right to have a say in Archie by Vertekins Anti Sonic abusing Amy art Stamp by Vertekins Sonic X Stamp by TheKnightOfTheVoid
Stamp.:Sonamy isn't Pedophilia:. by xXLovelyRose95Xx SonAmy is NOT a pedophilic pairing by Vertekins Sonic X by SuperheroGeek13
Shadow isn't emo by Vertekins SatAM Robotnik is OVERRATED by Vertekins SONIC '06 deserves the hate it gets by Vertekins
SOA's Sonic continuity is BALLS by Vertekins Keep Freedom Fighters out of the games by Vertekins Classic Sonic's stupid muteness stamp by Vertekins
Sonic Unleashed is underrated by Vertekins Eggman better than Westernized Robotnik Stamp by Vertekins Disliking Sonadow IS NOT Homophobic by Vertekins



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